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Gaming4Life Part 2

Hey again! sorry for this late blog, but better late than never!

G4L is now over and we are champions of Kalundborg, what a great feeling. despite the delays it actually turned into a really nice LAN, there was many things that could have been done alot better, but it was okay. So here’s a little “summary” of our way to the 1st place.

In the first match in the Upperbracket we met “mod” a team both kev1n and I played in back in the days and a team i personally have some great memories from. Actually i played vs a old Reason team back at SLAP LIVE# 13 where i 1on5 clutched Reason in the 6th overtime to win the match, nice nice 😀 So we played mod on Season and Nuke and won with no problems what so ever even though we were suprised in how good the guys could aim!
Reason 2 – 0 MoD

Now we had to face our fellow mates from our group, ekO, who we 16-0’d in the first match we played. We started out playing Nuke on the Terrorist side and got an decent amount of rounds, it was tough mainly because MEFIE(our old teammate) really know our style and our brainthoughts on this map, so i was actually a litle frustrating. We managed to win the first map 16-11 which is a nice result when starting og the Terrorist side.
Second map; de_train.
really not much to say, we started on CT side and pretty much kept the store closed and then took the gunround as T, 16-1.
Reason 2 – 0 ekO-eSports

FUMSL was next in the Upper bracket semifinal as they were seeded 4 and have some pretty good players we expected a harder game than the rest we had played. FUMSL wanted to play tuscan and train and again theres really not much to say about those games other than the results 16-8 and 16-9
Reason 2-0 FUMSL

Time for the Upperbracket final, a match that should turn out really intense and exciting!
Team DSRack! for the first time we should play on a server WITHOUT zBlock as was on their way home, which proved to be an interresting turnout of the match. We started out playing nuke where we apparently destroyed them 16-5 and had everything under control. Now to the second map, Season. A map we knew they where pretty good at but we thought we had them under control, after loosing both gunrounds and a crucial amounts to deagle ecos we were suddently behind 14-8, then we started winning, but in one round kev1n wins a 1on1 clutch and defuses the bomb, but as zBlock was not on, the bomb explodes in the same time its done defusing, giving kev1n 3 frags for getting the defuse and DSRack the round. we ended up winning the rest even though we were forced in a buyround with around 3800$ ­. Now Overtime! unfortunally we couldnt manage to get enough rounds and lost the map.
de_contra; the MAP, the myth, the legend. AGAIN we lost both gunrounds and manage to get in overtime, but finally some luck were with us instead of DSRack and won the over time easily 4-0
It was a intense match but really fun to play when we came out victorious!
Reason 2-1 Team DSRack

Now to the Grand Final!
We thought it would be DSRack again, but no, apparently Copenhagen Wolves came back from being behind 10-14 as T on inferno winning 16-14. Time to bring out the big guns, and the first map was chosen!

We startet out as Terrorist and lost the gunround, but we had no problems at all and we turned tho wolfs into chihuahua’s and Won the Terrorist side 9-6. Of cause we lost the gunround as CT aswell but still we manage to close it down

Reason 1 – 0 Copenhagen Wolves
And now champions of the World! or at least Kalundborg, Denmark.

Next stop is Paris for ESWC which probably gonna get a little harder.

Peace out guys.