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Gaming4Life LAN – Part 1
Hello guys, its tuesday morning and we have arrived at the G4L LAN. We tried to be here 2 hours before the groupstages start, but now the tournament has been delayd with a few hours.

So we thought about how we should spend the time and decided to play a little bit of “Come on Baby”, probably one of the funniest games there is right now. Basicly its a ripoff of Mario Kart, but the whole point is, it’s free.

For sometime now, when we we are done with practice at night, we use this game as a “Team Building” game, as you laugh while you yell at your teammate because he threw a eggbomb at you nearly the entire time playing it.


(Magnus in his usual position, 4th. Its between him and kev1n who gets the last position)

SO! where did we sleep tonight? We made a NICE deal with our friends from “Foxproof” containing lokke, vnG, prima, tabztar and krogh with their management.

We rented a timeshare/cottage whatever you call it 😀 and its AWESOME! Dennis brought his monitor and his XBOX. so we can play FIFA and just chill out.


(vnG playing against prima in FIFA 12)

We have 4 bedrooms and 2 toilets, its not because its big but it aint small either. (dont worry cribs episode coming up later!)


(Just chillin in the living room)

So! Next we’re gonna warm up for the matches today, and i’ll be back later on!