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With less than two days to go, before IEM Katowice open their doors, Reason.CSGO managed to qualify for Katowice in the first Europe qualifier, held by ESL. Reason Gaming have been placed in Group C with the following teams:

Group C  


The Swedes from Fnatic, was crowned as the best team in the world after defeating their rival, Ninjas in Pyjamas as DreamHack Winter 2013. After that event, nobody has really seen anything from them. People are guessing that fnatic is practicing a lot up to especially this event, to maintain their role as the number 1 team.
But will the Danes from Dignitas interrupt fnatic from doing so?

After being kicked out of the DreamHack KickOff 2014 tournament with three of the best teams in the world currently, Dignitas went into “bootcamp” mode and didn’t participate in any online cups or tournaments. But the Danes shall be feared, with a rock solid caller in form of FeTiSh, and some seriously sharp-shooters – this team shouldn’t be underestimated against anyone.

The Americans from iBUYPOWER quickly got an invitation for IEM Katowice, iBUYPOWER was in place at DreamHack Winter 2013 aswell – but got knocked out in the groupstages.

Frederik “LOMME” Nielsen shared the teams expectations for Katowice

“We’re going into the group as underdogs, we’re up against three great teams, so it’ll be some tough matches and we’re gonna have to play our absolute A-game in order to achieve something”

Adam Heath, Owner of Reason Gaming added the following about the teams perfomance

“Our team fought hard through roster changes and qualifiers to earn their spot at Katowice. I couldn’t be prouder of how the team has come together in a short space of time to win their place in this top 16 event. I am happy with our group and think we will have a weekend of great games! Go team, go!”

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