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What team are you picking up for at EGL12?

I will be playing for View.Spectrum. The roster normally consists of Sunny “Sunstah” Bains, Liam “Waltz” Walters, Will “Patto” Patterson and Jordan “Jord” Mato. Jord can’t attend so I will be playing instead of him for this event.

What are your expectations for this event?

Well Patto and I placed top 6 at the last event whilst sunny and walts placed top 12. Our main objective is to aim for top 8.

How has the preparation been going for this event?

We have only managed to get 3 days playing time with each other. This means that top 8 will be hard, but we will give it our best.

Why did you decide to play for them and not any other team?

Well, when they asked me to pick up I immediately accepted their offer due to the fact that I have known Walts and Sunny for 2 to 3 years and they are close mates of mine, meaning it was an obvious choice.

Anything else you would like to say?

Yes, Thanks to everyone who is supporting me this weekend and the Reason Gaming sponsors like OnlineKeyStore & eSportsClothing. You can follow me and the team on Twitter for updates throughout EGL this weekend at @Reason_reedy, @Reason_Maga, @Reason_Ced and @Reason_Haddzy.