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After getting off to a perfect, start the Reason.QL squad are past the group stages in the TDM competition after beating all competition 2 – 0 in maps. Next fixture in Round 1 of the Playoffs:

4 Kings.TDM (2-0)
– Deep Inside 129:101
– Dreadful Place 173:133 

Noctis will also be facing Cooller in the Quake Live Duel Playoffs for the 3rd place finish and with that, we wish him all the best of luck!

– Map 1 x:x
– Map 2 x:x
– Map 3 x:x
(-Map 4 x:x)
(-Map 5 x:x) 

The Reason.HoN squad are currently in the Semi-Finals against KD-Gaming and, should they succeed, will fact either MSI or TsoG in the Grand Finals.

KD-Gaming.HoN (2-0)
– Forest of Calvadar 1:0
– Forest of Calvadar 1:0

As always we’ll keep you up to date right here!