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DreamHack Summer 2011, Jönköping, Sweden…

DreamHack currently holds the record for the most attending LAN party ever and is often cited when describing to people what exactly a LAN party is in its most extreme form. DreamHack, besides being an incredible venue for exhibitors and music festivals during the weekend, is one of the cornerstones of e-Sports. Teams have made their names here, and teams have been broken.

For Reason Gaming, this was also an event for breaking records. Ten people in total attended DreamHack Summer 2011 all bearing the Reason Gaming logo and representing it with fantastic form, it has to be said. Alas, Counter-Strike: Source was not on the cards, but in the last year we have cemented something very special in the form of our Quake Live and Heroes of Newerth players.

We want to first of all congratulate all of the players involved, as well as the teams we played who went on to go home or win the tournament. Regardless, the event was a successful one for most involved and we look forward to more in the future! And here we are, the final standings:

Heroes of Newerth

 Sweden Reason Gaming 
KD-Gaming / Sweden TsoG

 Quake Live: Team Deathmatch

 Europe cowl
 Europe Reason Gaming 
Serious Gaming

Quake Live: Duel

 Belarus Alexei “Cypher” Yanushevsky
 United States Shane “rapha” Hendrixson
Anton “Cooller” Singov

4th Austria Richard “noctis” Gansterer

All in all, a tremendously successful event with some great results and some great gaming. These results were also special for a few reasons: Richard, who only learned he was playing in the duel tournament the night before, went on to perform extremely well. For both the TDM and HoN sides this was their first time competing together at an international event and they brought back some fantastic results. Well done once again to all!