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After dropping our CS:GO team into the losers match, HellRaisers went on to crush the French Titan side with a scoreline not to dissimilar from that against Reason.

Meanwhile, Reason found themselves up against the BYOC qualifier team o4o, defeating them 16-1 to gain a shot at redemption against Titan.

Inferno was yet again the map of choice between the two teams, and once more Reason started off on the Counter-Terrorist side. The pistol round went back and forth between the two sides, but it was the French that managed to take the 1-0 lead. A close eco round saw EXR take a number of guns away from the Frenchmen, however not enough to take the round. The second eco round saw Reason go on a fruitful push down banana taking 2 early kills, but their rotate into mid was decimated by kennyS who took down all five players.

The first buy round of the half saw the Danes take an early advantage as Titan attempted to take the B bombsite, however they were unsuccessful allowing Reason to place their first round on the scoreboard. Reason followed this up with a second round after a delayed exchange on the arch side of A fell the way of the Danes. After losing the subsequent eco round, Titan gained themselves access to the B bombsite, and after a 2 vs 2 exchange, managed to regain control and take the lead 4-3. The next round saw another 2 vs 2 over on the other bombsite, but the result was much the same with Titan taking the round, followed by another due to a save from Reason.

Back on a buy round Reason really needed a win to keep their economy on track, however Titan did not allow them the courtesy and instead extended their lead even further, forcing another unsuccessful Reason save round. On the next buy, a well placed stack on the arch side of mid saw Reason take a 2 man advantage early on, leaving kennyS in a 1 vs 3 on the A bombsite. Despite the pressure, kennyS put his AWP to work and took each of the three Reason players in quick succession, winning the round from an unfavourable situation. 

After such a confidence killing clutch from kennyS, rounds carried on slipping away from Reason up until the halfway point, with Reason entering worse off than in their encounter against HellRaisers at 11-4.

The pistol round of the second half opened up with Reason entering the A bombsite taking a number of their opposition out before finding themselves boxed into the pit. A much needed flank from MSL provided enough distraction to progress on to the bombsite and make the plant, eventually seeing Reason take the round. A succession of save rounds from Titan granted the Danish side a few more rounds, with the second being won by half a second worth of defuse, bringing the score to 7-11. 

A decimating opening buy round saw Titan rush straight down the middle of the map behind an unsuspecting Reason side setting up on the banana, allowing them to pick off the Danes, completely unaware of their position. Reason opted for another banana side push on the round that followed, however even without the flank, Titan were able to take them down with ease. This prompted a change of play by Reason, who instead opted to hit the A bombsite on their next buy round. A wise decision, as this allowed them to force Titan to save guns and give them the round. 

A strong push from MSL towards B saw him take down three of the Titan side, granting his team access to the bombsite with just two Titan teammates remaining. With the bomb planted, Titan attempted a re-take, but were ultimately unsuccessful, leaving the score at 9-13. This success was short lived however, as yet another push towards B was stopped in its tracks by the French side. From this point things fell apart for Reason, unsuccessfully pushing A with only cadiaN wielding a rifle, leaving them 9-15 behind. There were no signs of a final resurgence from Reason, and Titan closed out the game 16-9 taking the second position in the groups to move to the playoffs.

Congratulations to Titan on their victory, and unlucky to our CS:GO squad who will be heading home from Sweden after just three games.