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David Kinnaird, the newest addition to the Reason Gaming Quake Live squad, has recently been interviewed by Belgian newswriter “Gecko” at LowLandLions and includes upcoming Dreamhack predictions as well as an insight into his last few months at Fnatic. Here is the interview:


Source: LowLandLions

David “deus” Kinnaird is one of the best Quakelive TDM player in Europe. He played for the best teams in the world such as: 4Kings, Iron Fist, Gunzoids and fnatic. About two months ago fnatic officially announced that David would join Reason Gaming and play in the Dreamhack TDM tournament. 

Before the beginning of one of the most awaited TDM event this year, Draven took the time to interview deus about his career, his recent team change, the chances of Reason Gaming at Dreamhack and Quakelive overall.

Name: David Alexander Kinnaird
Nickname: deus
Nationality: Scottish
Mice: Razor Abyssus
Keyboard: Razor Blackwidow
Graphics card: 9600m GT
Connection: 100mbit when in UK, 10mbit when in Norway
Monitor: 2233RZ Samsung (800×600 Ingame)
OS: Windows XP
Favourite weapon: Rockets
Favourite map: Grim Dungeons
Favourite mode: TDM

Q: Hello deus, Could you perhaps shortly introduce yourself to the viewers and readers?

deus_: Hey, well my name’s David Alexander Kinnaird and I’m from Scotland but spend half the year in Norway with my girlfriend. I’m 26 years old and the team I play for is Reason Gaming.

Q:  How does your everyday life look like?

deus_: My life is very random but I’m very lucky in the way that both my jobs allow me to travel and do what I want. When I’m home a normal day is to wake up around 11am check the news/sports on TV, get a shower some food then turn the pc on, then I play poker for 3 hours then head into “work” and coach people to play tennis for 3/4 hours a day then head home, get some dinner then play poker for 2 more hours after that I normally just chill watching TV or playing Quake/CS.

Q: As many already Quake Live players already know, you’re playing Poker quite often? How much do you regularly play?

deus_: Down to how well I’m running but normally I try to put in 4/5 hours a day….but when things are not going your way it’s very hard to make yourself play and play well :). I’m not super good or anything, I’m just a solid winner for what level I’m playing at and I’m the biggest pussy ever with my bankroll :). And also I got very lucky that a friend of mine is very good at poker who helped me win 6k in 1 week playing sit and go’s with me for free and without his help I would have never been a winning player, so big thanks to Daniel.

Q: You recently left fnatic for Reason Gaming, was the TDM tournament organised at Dreamhack the reason for this change? Will you guys attend Dreamhack?

deus_: Well first of all, fnatic just didn’t feel like a team at all… It was just a mix of very good players whose lifestyles just didn’t match to make it work. I have to say I’m really enjoying playing again and Reason Gaming feels like a real team so that makes me want to play. I’m even asking to play most nights which hasn’t been the case for like 6 years. In fnatic I just didn’t want to play all that much cause everything in the team was a mess. Reason will go to Dreamhack of course with the team: zyv, fazz, noctis and myself.

Q: You used to play tennis at a high level, do you think that you’re benefiting from it when playing Quake competitively?

deus_: Well I think it helps in some way or another, and I don’t really play anymore it’s just all coaching nowadays.

Q: Who are the favourites according to you to take the Dreamhack TDM title?

deus_: It’s so hard to say let’s take a look at the teams then,

Rage – No one really knows what team is going to Dreamhack as they seem to be adding a new player every week but no matter what team they send it’s going to be hard to beat. If they can play like they do online. Top 4

ic – Super aimers but again no one really knows what team they are going to be sending, they have tried out gopher then proZaC but I don’t think that worked out so now they are trying with winz. But like I said about Rage no matter what team goes they are going to be very good. Top 3

XT – They have really really good team play and I believe they could give some of the best teams a very close game. Top 6

4K – 4K are just really solid they never really play bad but never really play amazing. Top 5

Srs – Online games isn’t going as well as they hoped but again it’s online and I think they will be 10 times better on LAN once they sort their teamplay and get used to each other’s style’s. Top 5

Cooller’s team – Everyone knows that Russian’s get a lot better on LAN so we shouldn’t really look into their online scores which haven’t been good at all, but I don’t think it really matters. Top 5

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

deus_: I play a mix of Defensive and offensive, Cause I’ve been playing TDM so long now I’d like to think I play Defensive and Offensive at the right times. Dm14 is the perfect map for playing defensive/offensive at the right times that’s why I love that map so much.

Q: What do you think about the 3 new TDM maps in the mappool? (Dreadfulplace , Purgatory & Hidden Fortress)

deus_: I think it’s nice to have some new maps around and I think the more we all play them the better the maps get as everyone is working out what the best tactics are for each map.

Q: What map would you rather not see in the mappool? Why? Which map should replace it?

deus_: I guess maybe cpm4 it just doesn’t work in Quakelive, it’s all about timing LG and playing for yourself not really a good team play map.

Q: As an old Quake 3 player, how do you like the current state of Quake Live? Do you think ID Software made the right choice by releasing Quakelive and helping the game evolve?  

deus_: Well I think CTF is just a mess. The maps are just SHOCKING. I don’t even want to play CTF as every map is just boring.

Q: Is there anything you would like to see changing in QL?  

deus_: Better maps for CTF so it’s playable.

Q: Any shoutouts?

deus_: Shoutout to Reason gaming and their sponsors: Razer, Sapphire and Verygames.