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ESL Major League CS:GO Play-off – First Round, BO3

After managing to get through both group stages in the ESL CS:GO Major League, Reason came up against melty eSport Club. A French team that some would know as “webSPELL” before a name change, from sponsorship. The game was a day later than scheduled originally and pretty much started on time. However, this didn’t end brilliantly, with a 2-0 (16-3,16-8) loss…

Inferno CS:GO badge Game 1 – Inferno

The map was Inferno and the game started off… Well, not good. After Reason winning the knife round and choosing to go CT first, they went on to losing the next… 7 Rounds. On the bounce. Come Round 8, when our boys finally win a round they did it quite strongly. They took the opposing team out before they managed to plant the bomb down. However, it wasn’t to be. Reason only picked up 2 more rounds in the first half and therefore the rest of the match. The winning rounds, however, consisted of a bomb defuse and normal, standard win. Melty were a very aggressive team, with some rather insane rotates, some of the quickest ones I’ve seen in a while watching CS:GO. Sadly, it wasn’t to be, but there were some signs of progress and brilliance, especially in some of the kills in the mid rounds, but it looked like it wasn’t to be – melty were stronger in that respect, and must be congratulated for it. There were, however, some valiant attempts made at getting some more rounds won in the first half, but were knocked back fast, even if it was very, very close.

Mirage CS:GO badgeGame 2 – Mirage

With me writing that, it makes me think that this match of CS:GO ended there. Oh no, far from it. There was at least one more game to go in this Best of Three. The second map was Mirage, and it started out very strong for our Danish team. Winning the Knife round and electing to go CT. Reason then picked up the first two rounds, with the second being a strong defuse. Melty then picked the next one up, but only before our Danes getting the next one on a defuse after rotating from B to A when it was noticed. However, the rounds were quickly brought to 3:3 and then 4:4, with defuses and explosions apiece. Sadly, the French team quickly pulled ahead to 5:8, featuring defuses to get the round up and then some explosions and complete kills. At Half-Time, our lads pulled it back to 7:8, with a brilliant run of 3 wins including complete team kills and bomb defuses. The game was looking fairly equal at that point. Then, well, as games have a habit of doing, it got lost pretty quickly. Melty went hard on after the break, taking the game to 7:15, even when our Danes managed to plant down a couple times, melty did manage to defuse quick too. Round 22, Melty’s 15th win, it was close to being Reason’s 8th but the bomb got defused, one second before the defuser got shot in the head, literally seconds out. Our lads managed to pull one back on the Frenchman’s match point but the game ended out quick. Finished up as a 16:8 loss in the second game.


Overall, it was a below average game, with some brilliance shown in between some poor rounds. It just wasn’t to be that game… Just wasn’t to be. It did leave the team with a lot of food for thought though on what they needed to work on to be ready for Copenhagen Games at the start of next month.

If you missed it, the VODs are here: [Pt1, Pt2]

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