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Important Information

Where: DSRack eSports Café, Denmark

When: 14th December 2013

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Prize Pool:

21,000 DDK (£2374.81)

1. 10,000 DKK (~£)
2. 7,000 DKK (~£)
3. 4,000 DKK (~£)


Tournament Breakdown

Time Team 1  Team 2
11:00  Copenhagen Wolves vs.  Reason Gaming #1
15:00  n!faculty vs.  Match #1 loser #2
19:00  Match #1 winner vs.  Match #2 winner #3

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Live Updates

[CSGO] Our CSGO team are currently preparing themselves to the matches and will start the action at 12:15 PM CET against old Copenhagen Wolves team playing under the name of über G33KZ.
[CSGO] And here we go, you are live with OPZ! The first map will be de_dust2 and our guys will be starting on the CT-side!
[CSGO] Unfortunately we lost the first pistol round and are forced to a save.
[CSGO] After saving a few rounds we win the first important buy round to make it 1-3.
[CSGO] We lost the important following buy round and are forced to an eco again.
[CSGO] We are forced to eco continually and are starting to fall behind, 1-11 to über G33KZ, but its not over yet!
[CSGO] We fell short on multiple important rounds and were a bit unlucky, first half goes 1-14 to über G33KZ.
[CSGO] We weren’t able to get the much needed T-side pistols and the game was pretty much over, 1-16 to über G33KZ. Our boys were not ready to the strong play of über G33KZ and were unable to answer. Hope they can find their A-game in the next map.
[CSGO] The second map is de_inferno and we are starting on the T-side!
[CSGO] Despite of promising start to the pistol round we end up losing it after a really close round and are forced to save.
[CSGO] Nico’s AWP brought destruction upon us early on the first buy round and we were unable to recover, losing the first proper buy round. We will still however risk buy.
[CSGO] The risk didn’t pay off and we are forced to an eco once again. After the eco G33KZ are up 0-6 on the stronger CT-side.
[CSGO] We are not able to find our own game against the über G33KZ who are looking extremely strong. 0-13 for G33KZ.
[CSGO] Über G33KZ are playing out of their minds as the first half ends devastatingly 0-15 to them.
[CSGO] Über G33KZ got our number today and advance to the final. It ends 0-16 to them but we are not out yet. We will face n!faculty on the next game and with victory there we can still redeem a place to the final. Hopefully our guys can wake up and find their own game against n!faculty!
[CSGO] The next game against n!faculty starts 16:15 PM CET. Stay tuned!
[CSGO] The first map against n!faculty will be de_inferno and we start on the T-side!
[CSGO] Things are looking much brighter for us as we manage to win the pistol round and n!faculty are forced to eco!
[CSGO] We lose the first proper gun round narrowly but are still able to buy next round! 3-1 to us!
[CSGO] Despite of the good entry to the bombsite, we ran out of time and were forced to plant in a hurry and got killed while doing it. We still go for a buy though!
[CSGO] We manage to enter site once again but fall short on defending it. Now we must eco and the score is 3-3. Still a decent start to the much harder T-side of de_inferno.
[CSGO] We win our buy round after ecoing and even up the score to 4-4! Go Reason!
[CSGO] Another good T-side round from us! 5-5! Now n!faculty are forced to eco and we take the round easilly clinching ourselves to lead! 6-5!
[CSGO] n!faculty are forced to double eco and we get another easy round making it 7-5 on the harder T-side!
[CSGO] We got a good entrance to the B-site but stunning clutch play from n!faculty raalz stopped us in our tracks.
[CSGO] Another clutch play and a 4man by n!faculty player, this time its gla1ve making it 7-7
[CSGO] Some stunning individual performances by n!faculty members were able to save them decent score from CT-side. On the harder T-side 7 rounds from us is a good score! 7-8 for n!faculty after first half.
[CSGO] Unfortunately we lose the pistols to start off the CT-side and have to eco for a few rounds.
[CSGO] We win the first proper buy! Time to start building momentum! 8-11 to n!faculty.
[CSGO] We dispatch n!faculty of their weapons second time in a row after a fantastic triple kill by MSL and force them to an eco! 9-11!
[CSGO] We lose against their eco after some unlucky moments and are forced to eco ourselves. 9-12.
[CSGO] Time to buy again after the eco. 9-13. This is an extremely important round for us!
[CSGO] It is up to a 1on1 situation and LOMME takes it home! 10-13!
[CSGO] We lose the round but manage to save some weapons, there is no room for mistakes as it is 10-14 to n!faculty!
[CSGO] They run over our weak partial buy and we have to risk it all to the last 5 rounds. No mistakes can be made if we want to force an overtime in map 1! 10-15.
[CSGO] We are able to win a tight 3on3 situation clinching one back! 11-15, it’s not over yet!
[CSGO] Despite of a good try we lose 3on2 situation after nice play by n!faculty. We lose the first map 11-16. Now the team must set all their focus on the next map to try and bring it back despite of being 1 map behind! 
[CSGO] The second map will be de_dust2 and we start on the T-side!
[CSGO] We come to the A-site storming and take the pistols to our name! Go Reason!
[CSGO] We find ourselves losing to an eco again this time on de_dust2 after great pistol play by n!faculty. Nice try by smF in the end but it is not enough. 1-1 and we have to eco
[CSGO] We storm over the defences at B-site on the first proper buy round! The survivors of n!faculty decide to save. 2-2!
[CSGO] Another round for us! n!faculty were force buying and it didnt work out! Now they are on an eco! 3-2 to Reason!
[CSGO] This time we give pistol equipped n!faculty members no chance, 4-2 to us!
[CSGO] Our economy is looking good and despite of losing a round we still buy. 4-3.
[CSGO] After an extremely exciting 2on2 situation we manage to take the round and force n!faculty to double eco! 5-3!
[CSGO] Once again we make no mistakes and make a clean sweep of the CT team! 6-3 to Reason!
[CSGO] cajunb almost making it rough with the deagle but we still come on top on their save round! 7-3!
[CSGO] We had the round in our hands as we had plant and a 3on2 advantage but n!faculty comes on top and defuses. 7-4.
[CSGO] n!faculty look strong as they take the next buy round as well. 7-5.
[CSGO] Our guys stop n!faculty’s 2 round streak and take the momentum back to themselves! 8-5!
[CSGO] n!faculty quickly answer back. 8-6.
[CSGO] We make it close despite of being down few men early in the round only to see ourselves fall a bit short on a tight 2on2 situation. Half time score is 8-7 to Reason Gaming!
[CSGO] The very important pistol round went to n!faculty’s way and we have to eco. 8-8.
[CSGO] We lose the following eco rounds. Time for a proper buy! 8-10.
[CSGO] n!faculty take over B-site swiftly and clear our defense. Remaining of our players are trying to save their guns. 8-11.
[CSGO] n!faculty strike to the B-site again, this time with delay. Our remaining players are trying to save their weapons again, but we have to eco. 8-12 to n!faculty.
[CSGO] They gun down our pistol equipped players with ease. 8-13 to n!faculty.
[CSGO] We have no answer to n!faculty’s questions right now. They pust to A from cat and clean the house. smF is trying to hold on to his weapon. 8-14.
[CSGO] n!faculty train keeps rolling as they continue their streak of rounds and take over B-site. There is no more room for errors as we face elimination if we dont win the remaining rounds in a row. 8-15.
[CSGO] MSL wins a 1on2 clutch saying it is not over yet but it’s still a long way to force the overtime! 9-15!
[CSGO] n!faculty try to rush cat but our defences hold strong! 10-15!
[CSGO] Amazing AWP play in a 1on2 situation from n!faculty player Pimp as he clutches it to end our dreams of the spot in the final. After a good fight we fell short on the important rounds and we are out of the tournament. Final score is 10-16 to n!faculty and they advance to the final to meet über G33KZ.