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We took a moment to sit down with our League of Legend’s Marksman Krislund, to find out about how the team’s recent match versus Tricked eSport went.

So you guys took down Tricked eSport, how did you feel going into the match knowing they were a relatively new roster?

“We were pretty confident, as we are when we face many of the European challenger teams, we didn’t analyze them too much, only saw what their most played champions are and stuff like that. We highly expected to win and we did so.”

Did you guys win the picks and bans phase? What was your goal going into it?

“I would say we won by picks and bans itself. We tried to target their mid and jungler, and it worked really well, we got the champs out we wanted as purple side and allowed us to get 2 OP picks.”

As the game got rolling, what about the early game went well and what could use improvement?

“Early game was going bad because people died randomly, after the 8 minute mark (which is also early game) things started going well, we got a free kill top, and a free drake at that point, we had constant pressure on bot lane which led to us doing what we wanted around the map. We dove too much here and there. That was just us being overconfident.”

How was the team feeling moving into mid game?  Were you guys confident moving forward?

“We were pretty confident, Trashy was pretty fed, and we had a really good siege comp, we predicted when they would engage, and we pretty much just out-rotated them.”

Were you guys worried at all closing out the game?  How did the team approach it?

“Not really, the only thing we were considering, was to take Baron or not, which we didn’t really need, so we basically just outsieged, and got some picks here and there, we also dove them whenever we wanted to, so the game was pretty much over from like the 25 minute mark or so.”

What’s next for the team?  Are you guys confident moving forward?

“Next team is Nfaculty I believe. we’re also really confident going into the game, this time though we’re going to analyze a bit more, since we have some replays & notes from earlier games from team-ranked versus them. I expect us to win”

Thanks for talking to me again! Anything you want to add finally?

“Thanks again for the chat, if you don’t mind I’d like to give a shoutout to our sponsors, SteelSeries for their awesome gear, EsportsClothing for their great jerseys, OnlineKeyStore for their brillaint discounts (Which we do actually use!), Duality Media for our nice (relatively) new website & for providing us with a streaming platform with so much potential!