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Reason Gaming’s new Call of Duty Squad consisting of Reedy, Magaziny, CED, Fatal. They are currently competing in the Call of Duty Championship Qualifiers which are being held in Los Angeles, California.


The first matchup was against DB Gaming UK on Domination, Octane. This is the team’s first online tournament under the Reason Gaming name and we went in strong. Ced and Reedy really stood out in the first half of the domination with their unreal slaying power, taking a 94-30 point lead into the second half. Moving swiftly into the second side, Reedy, Magaziny, Ced & Fatal managed to pull of an unbelievable three flag capture meaning DB would be unable to come back from the already large 64-point deficit.

Moving into the Search and Destroy the rounds where thrown around and it was all tied up at 4-4. Reedy top fragging for the team with 12 kills, CED with 9, Fatal and CED picking up kills the team moved on to a rush plant, which didn’t quite go their way. Reedy picked up an all-important kill but was then taken down. Ced managed to get the bomb plant and it was a 1v2 situation with Ced picking up both of the kills and taking a 5-4 lead. DB where on the offensive side looking to take it into 5-5 and a last round map but with the team in a 1v3 situation Fatal picks up the kill and takes the round making it 6-4 and a 2-0 lead in the series.

Leading 2-0 the team had to make some huge plays to take a clean sweep in the series and they started off strong with 2-1 lead and then managed to advance it to 4-1. A minute and a half left on the clock and DB managed to get two caps taking making it 4-3 going into the second round. Reedy was topping the leaderboards and it went all the way yet again, DB managed to get it back to 4-4 and then it was back and forth gunfights all the way to 8-8. Reedy managed to pick up a vital 2 piece to put the team into a 4v2 situation where they managed to capitalise and take a 9-8 lead with a minute on the clock. 30 seconds to go and Magaziny makes an unreal play by sneaking in another cap to add another point to the board and making it 10-8. Winning the round and the series 3-0 to Reason Gaming.

Statement from Reason Gaming’s Reedy on the match;

“After jumping on and losing a warm up scrim we all knew what we had to do, half way into the 1st side of Domination we were up a good amount of points that we needed on the bad side, with me & Ced slaying so well and getting the team hyped taking it one kill at a time. Soon as the other team backed out after 2 mins we knew we had it in the bag. We all pulled our weight tonight and couldn’t be prouder we all said we needed the 3-0 sweep and we went and got it”