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After several months inside Reason Gaming, we are sad to announce that Philipp “YellowJohn” P has stepped down from our Strife team to focus on his education. Philipp was very open about this decision and stuck around with the team until they had found a replacement. Because the Stife scene is still in its infancy this was not an easy task. After weeks of trials, they finally settled for a new Carry player, Pontus “CurriBoii” Sjögren


Pontus had this to say about joining the team:

Hi I’m Curriboii and I’m 15 years old and I’m really into competitive gaming, and have been ever since I was about 8 years old and played 2v2 arenas in WoW TBC at pretty high mmr. I have also been playing League of Legends in diamond soloque, and won couple smaller tournaments. Now I’ve come across Strife, and I have to say it’s really amazing and I’m very appreciative that I get this chance to represent Reason in it.