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We, at Reason-Gaming have decided to hear what the community has to ask our newly picked up LoL teams, and have, therefore opened threads in various communities to know what to ask the guys.

It is really easy to participate and get involved with the team, you just need to follow these steps:

– Post your question here or at any of the threads we have opened around the LoL communities.

– After 1 week, we will gather the best questions from the LoL community, and get our guys to answer them.

– The interview will be posted right here at: , and we will add the Nickname of the user who made the question, as well as a link to the community where the question was made.

For a list of threads opened, please check below, feel free to suggest any other community:

Absolute Legends

Solo Mid

CL Gaming

We at Reason-Gaming wish you take part of this activity, and enjoy it, if you have any suggestion, you can always comment here, or over at Facebook or Twitter.