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For a long time the Reason Gaming title has been purely associated with the European gaming scene, and has in general stayed without the bounds of the continent when choosing which teams should bare the Reason tag. With the new Reason Gaming management, we strive to make RNR eSports a global brand, and with that in mind the decision has been made to expand into North America. Stepping in to the ranks to head up all NA marketing is Daniel “FixySLN” Fields. Daniel will be handling all matters from across the pond and will be a very valuable asset to the Reason management team.


North American market manager, Daniel Fields, had the following to say:

“I’ve been involved in eSports in one, way, shape or form for more than 10 years. Through the course of that time, it was hard not to hear whispers and exciting stories about this amazing eSport organization. A truly storied community.

With that mind, when Blanks asked me to sign on as the North American Market Manager the only thing I could think about was finding a pen. I am truly grateful to be given the opportunity to represent this famed organization. It’s my hope to help create some exciting adventures and stories of our own as we begin this new chapter in Reason-Gaming.” 


Along with Daniel joining the team comes the announcement of our first North American squad. The team will be the first in the MOBA genre for the new look Reason Gaming, competing in the up and coming title, SMITE by Hi-rez studios. Previously known as “Almost Famous”, the team consists of some of the most well-known and respected players in the game’s ever growing scene.  


Team Captain, Kevin “HeroGG” Burt, gave the following statement:

“As a team we’ve wanted nothing more than to progress in the E-Sports gaming scene and having the opportunity to be playing for Reason-Gaming is the first step toward this progression. Our team has the dedication and motivation to become the best team in SMITE and we’re looking forward to never letting go of that title so we can proudly represent Reason-Gaming to the best we possibly can.

We will be participating in any upcoming LAN or online tournaments that we see as necessary not only for the team but for Reason-Gaming as well. We’re all excited and amped up for events that we can participate in and bring first place prizes to Reason-Gaming.

We would all like to give and show our gratitude to Reason-Gaming for granting us this opportunity that we’ve all been trying to earn for so long. We’ve tried very hard to get where we are and this will give us more motivation to try harder and never give up. We’d like to also issue thanks for all the fans, future fans and sponsors that will be supporting us, we do appreciate you.” 


 Reason SMITE:

 Kevin “HeroGG” Burt  (Captain)

 Justin “Wolfy” Colon –

 Drew “Lassiz” Boyd –

 Fred “Keyadrel” Dube –

 Matthew “MattyPocket” Paquette –