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 We are very pleased to annouce the return of 3 of our previous League of Legends players, along with their new manager and 2 other players. After coming 2nd to PrideFC in the EUNE Online Qualifier for Dreamhack they started to look around for an organisation to play under and represent at Dreamhack.  

Reason Gaming League of Legends are:

Mateusz “kiTTz” Tomczak – manager
Mateusz “Grom” Klimaszewski – Captain – Support
Fryderyk “Veggie” Kozioł – Jungle
Łukasz “Puki style” Zygmunciak – Mid
Robert “Nzq” Burczyk – AD Carry
Daniel “Zev3X” Piszczkiewicz – Top

All these players have a great history in League of Legends and we are glad they have accepted our offer to represent us at Dreamhack and events in the future.