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The world of eSports is in turmoil. With old games waving goodbye and new games seeing the light things will never be the same again. Amidst this turmoil a new idea is born. To create order where there was chaos, to set right what was wrong. A new sense of REASON. We are proud to announce the rebirth of REASON GAMING as an eSports label and organisation. At REASON GAMING we strive to promote esports in both the general and the sporting sense in order to help the public see why we, as gamers, choose this way of life and this type of entertainment.

The history of REASON GAMING has been one of many different shapes and sizes, ups and downs and has seen many players come and go. Now it is time to start a new chapter in this rich history, with new games, new teams and new players. REASON GAMING will return to its former glory with the same passion and commitment as before.

With the rebirth of REASON GAMING, we will be aiming at both the PC and console eSports scenes, attending all types of eSport events around the world with the direct support from our sponsors, our partners and most importantly, our fans. Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing teams and players who will be joining the REASON GAMING brand, along with exciting new partners and sponsors. On top of that we will be giving you guys a sneak peek behind the scenes so you can get to know the management and staff structure, have an insight of their previous experience and find out their future plans with some random banter too.

I would like to thank every single person that has supported us before, and hope we can continue to evolve even further. If you have not done so already, please ‘Like’ our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and, of course, sign up on our website. Welcome to the new era of REASON GAMING.