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Today saw the League of Legends team battle it out in the ESL Pro Series Poland season 8, The live finals were held at the M1 shopping centre in Krakow.


A layout of the ESL studio @ The M1 in Krakow


Having already made it to these live semi-finals through a string of online victories, the team had high hopes for themselves at this event. All games were best of three format, the first  versus NoMercy. A confident first game victory did not prepare the team for the second with NoMercy taking advantage of every little mistake and the team had no reply, which brought the score to 1-1. Fortunately the third game we faired better and Kubon on Ryze in the top lane showed why he is such a force to be reckoned with going 5-0, finishing the game without dying and securing a place in the grand finals. Meeting Denial Esports our old friends, we knew it would be a game with history. After a very comfortable  first game victory the team decided to take a YOLO attitude in their picks for the second game and brought out the katarina on Takefun. This was a risky choice as it can either go great or fail miserably. With solid consistent ganks from Kikis and early roams from Takefun and Kubon, the team snowballed the game and took a quick victory and first place. Winning 10,000 Polish złoty and a bag of gear from Steelseries. Libik spoke in the post match interview of how he was happy with the way the team played and hoped, if they keep training hard they will get better and better. 


Congratulations to the team and well played to Denial Esports and NoMercy.


The team:


– Jakub “Kubon” Turewicz, Top-lane

– Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek, Jungler

– Rafa³ “Takefun” Górniak, Middle-lane

– Marek “Makler” Kukier, Marksman

– Marek “Libik” Krêgiel, Support




10,000 Polish złoty (approx £1910)

A bag each of Steelseries gear


Image Source: ESL