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With the disappointing performance of i60 firmly in our rear view mirror, our CSGO team has taken time to reflect on what could be done to improve upon their performance before the start of the Gfinity Elite Series next month. Like most post-LAN team discussions, this sadly ended with us having to say goodbye to two of our players.

Dudley “dudley” Morris and Harry “Pommey” Crawford have stepped down from the Reason CSGO roster as they have other commitments in the lives which will hinder them from being able to put the time into the team which will be needed for Elite Series. It is a shame to have to say goodbye to two very talented players.

However, these two spaces will be filled by Thomas “Thomas” Utting and Kristians “Cinder” Bogdanovs. These two have a strong history of LAN results, both together and individually, with their last result together being a 3rd place finish at i59.

These changes put us in a great position to start for the Elite Series as every member of the team can commit to the busy schedule that awaits them.

We would like to wish Pommey and dudley the best of luck in the future, and extend a warm welcome to Cinder and Thomas.