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It has been more than a year since we first stepped into the HoN scene, and we must say it has proven to be worth it, with our team positioning as one of the best in the world. Unfortunately, the past months haven’t gone as planned, and we haven’t been able to show the same play which once took us to the very top.

Our last major result came at Dreamhack Summer this year, where we managed to reach the finals, where we would unfortunately lose to a powerful Fnatic. Since then, the team hasn’t performed as expected, which has ultimately led to these roster changes.

Departing the team are Andreas “Brodholm” Fredholm and Tobias “Hmmpz” Sundequist with both going inactive. Entering the team are Emil “arljungen” Arljung and Mattias “boomski” Jonsson.

Team captain Daniel “giftig” Ivarsson had the following to say:

After placing 2nd at Dreamhack summer in June it appeared to me that we had different opinions regarding ambition and dedication for the upcoming fall/winter within the team. Yet we kept on playing with the old lineup for the upcoming months, which lead to a series of results we weren’t too satisfied with. When discussing the matter further we came to the conclusion to make changes to the roster. Our new players Emil “arljungen” Arljung and Mattias “boomski” Jonsson will be replacing Brodholm and Hmmpz who are both going inactive. It feels great to have them onboard and we have already been able to practice quite a bit in preparation for the upcoming Dreamhack winter event, which is going to be a nice opportunity to show what we are capable to do with the new lineup. We would also like to thank Andreas and Tobias for their time on the team, and we wish them the very best in the future. We’re travelling to Jönköping this Thursday to compete with the very best, and I’m convinced that it’s going to be a very interesting and enjoyable event, so make sure not to miss it! A big thanks to Razer for supporting us and making all this possible!

Newcomer Mattias “boomski” Jonsson commented the following:

I’m happy to get the chance to play with Reason Gaming and I hope I will add something to the team. It’s going to be really interesting to play at our first LAN-event together at Dreamhack and I expect us to surprise a lot of people since we have kind of fallen off peoples radar lately.

Finally, the other newcomer Emil “arljungen” Arljung had this tosay:

I am very excited to officially play for reason gaming after being a stand-in and just scrimming with them sometimes for the last year. We all have great chemistry and we have a lot of fun playing together. I think we can achieve great things with this team and I look forward to what’s ahead of us.

 Reason.HoN is now:

 Daniel “giftig” Ivarsson
 Carl Philip “strangby” Stranby
 Tobias “eresloco” Everhorn
 Emil “arljungen” Arljung
 Mattias “boomski” Jonsson

We at Reason-Gaming would like to thank both Andreas and Tobias for the time they spent within our ranks, and would like to wish the best of luck to them in whatever they decide to do with their lives.

Finally, dont forget that our new lineup will be participating at Dreamhack Winter 2011, where they will look to grab a piece of the 30,000$ cake, so dont forget to cheer for them !