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Dreamhack is one of the biggest dates on gamers calendar, and Reason-Gaming has participated in various games throughout the years. This Winter edition, our Heroes Of Newerth squad has made the trip to Jonkoping, where the event takes place, in order to compete for a share of the $ 30,000 prize pot.

If you wish to check how the tournament is going for our guys, check our coverage below:

Group B:



Tiebreaker between EZ, Reason and Wahlin:

Wahlin 0-1 EZ

EZ  1-0 Reason

Team EZ wins the tiebreaker.

Thursday, 24th of November:

ex-OK 0-1 Team EZ

Lions 1-0 Druidz

Reason 0-1 ex-OK

Team EZ 0-1 Druidz

Lions 1-0 Reason

ex-OK 1-0 Druidz

Team EZ 0-1 Lions

Reason 1-0 Team Wahlin

Friday, 25th of November:

ex-OK 0-1 Lions

Druidz 0-1 Team Wahlin

Team EZ 0-1 Team Wahlin

Reason 1-0 Druidz

Lions 1-0 Team Wahlin

Team EZ 1-0 Reason

ex-OK 1-0 Team Wahlin


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