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After 7 weeks of fierce competition, North American Star League Season 2 has finally come to an end, with the 4 top teams heading over to the Ontario Convention Center in California to participate in the Season 2 finals, which feature a total prize pot of 40,000$.

Things started out in convincing fashion for our team, after winning their showmatch against Lions, securing 1,000$ and after securing a 2-0 win over recent Dreamhack Winter champions Fnatic.MSI.

Unfortunately, things started going downhill for our team from there, as they weren’t able to secure any more wins until last match of the season, were they managed to beat Team EZ with a 2-0 score.

The 4 teams that have managed to qualify for the LAN Finals are Fnatic.MSI, Trademark, Lions and the old Online Kingdom lineup.

For a full list of results from our team, check below:

Week 1: Fnatic MSI 0:2 Reason Gaming

Week 2: Trademark eSports 2:0 Reason Gaming

Week 3: Complexity Gaming 2:0 Reason Gaming

Week 4: Reason Gaming 0:2 Lions eSportklubb

Week 5: Reason Gaming 0:2 ex-Online Kingdom

Week 6: Reason Gaming 1:2 Infused Tt eSports

Week 7: Reason Gaming 2:0 Team EZ

For the regular season final standings check below: