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This news will be updated throughout our progress in this years IEM Katowice! So keep checking this news, for new information regarding our situation in Poland.


Important information:

ESL TV Stream
Groups and brackets
ESL CS Twitter page

Pre-Tournament Coverage:

Expectations for Katowice

Prize Pool – 16 teams compete for:

1st Place: $100,000 ~ 71.893 Euros
2nd Place: $50,000 ~ 35.946 Euros
3-4th Place: $22,000 ~ 15.816 Euros
5-8th Place: $10,000 ~ 7.189 Euros
9-16th Place: $2,000 ~ 1.437 Euros

Day ONE results:

[1] We beat Fnatic in our first match of the Group!
[2] We lose to Dignitas in our 2nd game to drop down to play Fnatic again!
[3] Fnatic get their revenage as we lose our 3rd match!

Check out this great video from exRtweetZz showing our team in action!