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Gamezonekrk is the largest LAN in southen Poland and offers multiple competitive tournaments such as Starcraft 2, League of Legends and Dota2. Tune in to the streams below to support our starcraft 2 player Michał ‘Miszu’ Słomczyński.

Important Information
Starcraft 2 Brackets
GameZone Stream
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Prize Pool

Total Players: 32
1. $384
2. $192
3. $64



Day One Updates

  • [Sc2] Miszu arrives 2 AM CET to the event
  • [Sc2] There are 32 players in the Sc2 tournament, which is really nice!
  • [Sc2] The group looks like this Group D: Matiz, Miszu, Gieco, Sweter
  • [Sc2] Miszu will start playing around 2 PM CET
  • [Sc2] Miszu is currently playing his first warm-up game against Indy
  • [Sc2] Miszu wins his warm-up game 2:0 and feeling confident going into the Groups
  • [Sc2] The first game of the Group stage is underway as it sees Miszu taking one of the high seeded players in the tournament Matiz
  • [Sc2] Miszu lost his first match against Matiz 0:2
  • [Sc2] Miszu wins his second match-up 2:0 against Indy, Well Done!
  • [Sc2] Miszu needs to win his next game to make it out of the Group stage
  • [Sc2] Miszu falls short after a close third game and loses 0:2
  • [Sc2] Unfortunately, Mizsu takes an early ride home and gets knocked out of the tournament in the Groups. Bad Luck!